Democratic Party Faces Panic as Calls for Biden to Step Aside Intensify

The Democratic Party is in full-blown crisis mode, scrambling like ants at a summer picnic. Their top donors, and even ex-President Barack Obama, are whispering furiously about pushing Joe Biden to step aside. This comes after Trump’s devastating victory over Biden in last week’s debate. Democrat insiders are reportedly petrified about what the so-called “Biden effect” will do to candidates further down the ballot.

Let’s face it: almost three-fourths of Americans think Biden’s too old to carry out presidential duties. This isn’t just some conspiracy theory from the right-wing, it’s straight from the horse’s mouth—a poll suggesting Biden’s ship is sinking faster than the Titanic. CNN’s own Harry Enten can’t envision a scenario in which Biden wins with such dismal numbers regarding his mental fitness. Despite this, in some left-leaning alternate reality, nearly two-thirds of Democrats still want Biden to stick around like gum under a school desk.

Apparently, the dilemma isn’t just about getting Biden to take a bow. Democrats themselves are a major roadblock. They want Biden to stay, effectively tying their leaders’ hands from taking any decisive action. It’s almost like watching a train wreck in slow motion: painful to witness, yet impossible to look away.

Enten’s historical comparisons are head-scratching at best. Comparing Biden to Truman in 1952 or LBJ in 1968 doesn’t quite work here, considering those guys were about as popular as a skunk at a garden party. Yet, Biden enjoys a 66 percent approval among his own party on whether he should stay. Call it impressive or call it delusional; it’s still bad news for Democrats. If Biden hands this election to Trump, the name George H.W. Bush might come up more often, another incumbent president who got smoked in the ’92 election.

Now, one has to wonder if these Democratic voters are genuinely Biden enthusiasts or if they’re more motivated by an allergic reaction to Trump. It’s not so much that they love Biden, but they’d rather chug a gallon of expired milk than see Trump back in the Oval Office. Election season is just heating up with Independence Day approaching, and yeah, Biden has the delegates. Yet, with 66 percent of his flock backing him, it’s no wonder he’s sticking around like a clingy ex.

However, the never-ending questions about Biden’s competence and mental acuity aren’t going anywhere. Obama jumping into the fray gives weight to the faction that wants to jettison Biden yesterday. Meanwhile, Biden’s debate performances could best be described as ‘crash and burn, part deux.’ Hill Democrats are losing faith faster than a gambler at a rigged casino game. Jake Sherman’s comments about the Biden camp having zero outreach only pour gasoline on the flames of this political dumpster fire.

And just in case anyone needed more proof of Biden’s precarious position, a NYT/Siena poll has 74% of voters asserting that “Joe Biden is just too old to be an effective president.” Democrats must be thrilled—if by ‘thrilled’ one means ‘trying to pry jaws off the floor.’ This could be the moment they realize that betting on Biden might just lead them straight to Trump’s door, gift-wrapped with a bow.

Written by Staff Reports

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