Associated Press Defends Biden Despite Polls Showing Concerns Over His Age and Competence

Did the Associated Press sleep through last week’s fireworks? Were they even present when Trump handed Biden yet another thrashing during the debate? The only other explanation involves either a profound disrespect for the American public’s intelligence or the severe decline of journalistic integrity. Amid polls indicating a staggering three-fourths of the population views Biden as too old and frail for the presidency, the Democratic meltdown was already in full swing. Yet, the AP decided to drop this cinematic gem of a headline: “Biden at 81: Sharp and Focused but Sometimes Confused and Forgetful.”

What is this bewildering attempt at journalism? Imagine saying someone is both short and tall, or hot and cold. It’s an insult to anyone with a modicum of common sense. One can’t help but laugh at their desperate attempt to frame Biden as simultaneously competent yet unsteady. It’s like watching North Korean state media; all that’s missing is the propaganda song.

This piece is not a one-man show. Five AP reporters labored to create this bizarre narrative. Biden, they say, is often sharp and focused but also confused and forgetful, especially later in the evening. In simpler terms, the man often trails off mid-sentence and struggles with the finer details. For someone seeking another four years in the White House, the glaring inconsistencies are nothing short of alarming.

Despite their efforts to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s mental state, the article is peppered with moments that underscore his declining faculties. One day he’s forceful at a rally, the next he’s incoherent and pale during a debate with Trump. There’s mention of his voice growing so soft it’s barely audible and moments where he simply stops mid-sentence. Yet, these observations are supposed to reassure us? It’s a comedic tragedy.

Even more ludicrous is the Democrats’ attempt to shift the blame to the media itself, claiming White House staff either shielded Biden or feared backlash. One would think the continual series of red flags over his competence would’ve prompted an investigation from the Fourth Estate. Instead, these same folks who now act as firefighters of the truth were once denying there was any smoke at all, accusing conservatives of fabricating Biden’s visible slip-ups. Irony, meet mainstream media.

To sum it all up, the article’s underlying message is clear: don’t trust your own eyes and ears. This offensive piece of propaganda insists Biden is just as capable of handling high-stakes engagements despite a polling consensus showing otherwise. The Media Research Center should make this text required reading: an anatomy of journalistic propaganda at its worst.

Written by Staff Reports

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