Even Liberal Media Can’t Ignore It: Bernstein Admits Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Carl Bernstein makes another appearance, this time poking his tired head out to discuss President Biden’s alleged cognitive episodes. One might wonder if Bernstein’s counting or if he just ran out of fingers. It’s amusing to think that it took so long for the liberal media to catch up to what many Americans have noticed from the beginning—Biden isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders.

Bernstein’s perspective is that Biden has experienced somewhere between 15 and 20 episodes of cognitive decline. Now, isn’t that a precise number? It’s almost as if someone gave him a dartboard and told him to aim for something between a dozen and two dozen. The mainstream media had long shielded Biden from these kinds of criticisms, but alas, the cracks are showing even in their fortress of bias.

NY Post readers are having a field day with this revelation. On one hand, you’ve got the left-leaning crowd trying to minimize the damage, likely claiming it’s just Bernstein looking for attention. On the other hand, conservatives are finally seeing a rare moment of truth slip through the cracks. And let’s be honest, it’s a lot more entertaining than another recycled narrative about Trump and Russia.

For those who have been paying attention, Bernstein’s comments are like a late-night infomercial: you didn’t really need it, but it confirms what you already suspected. The NY Post’s audience, ever skeptical of Biden’s mental faculties, is eating this up. Many readers are left wondering if 15 to 20 is an underestimate, especially after Biden’s numerous gaffes, nonsensical mumblings, and visible confusion during public appearances.

As liberal icons like Bernstein unravel President Biden’s shortcomings, it’s becoming harder for the left to sell the image of a competent leader. Traditional media may try to pivot or make excuses, but the truth is becoming increasingly difficult to hide. Meanwhile, conservative readers can sit back and enjoy the rare occasion when the left’s narrative stumbles over its own feet. And Bernstein, well, he might just want to keep a closer eye on his own math next time.

Written by Staff Reports

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