Democrats Attempt to Censor Witness Testimonies on Biden’s Social Media Influence

The House Judiciary Committee experienced a heated exchange on Thursday as members went back and forth over cross-examining witnesses. During the hearing, Republican House members presented two witnesses who testified about President Biden’s administration’s alleged influence over social media companies. However, the Democrats wasted no time in attacking the credibility of these witnesses with their outlandish remarks.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the Judiciary Committee chairman, fired back at Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch’s baseless commentary, noting that the upcoming witnesses would have a chance to be cross-examined. But Lynch’s desire to censor and strike the testimonies presented by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Republican Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt sparked outrage among Republicans.

“It’s ridiculous that Democrats are so desperate to shut down any free expression that doesn’t align with their left-wing, socialist agenda,” said Rep. Mike Johnson. “Attacking witnesses who present evidence that challenges their beliefs is an outrageous attempt at censorship.”

In response to Lynch’s motion to adjourn the hearing, Republicans reminded him of the rules of the committee and also called for an end to the “mockery and disgrace.” “It’s quite shameful to see this kind of behavior and lack of respect for our committee, America, and democracy,” Rep. Jim Jordan exclaimed.

It seems that Democrats will stop at nothing to suppress the truth and shut down any voices that challenge their twisted narrative. Thankfully, Republicans are standing strong against this blatant attempt at censorship and ensuring that the people’s voices are heard.

Written by Staff Reports

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