Democrats Ban Over 50 Gun Models, Attacking 2nd Amendment!

Once again, the Democrats in Washington state have succeeded in passing a ban on firearms commonly referred to as “assault weapons.” The next step is for the state's Democratic Governor, Jay Inslee, to sign the bill into law. H.B. 1240, the newly approved legislation, prohibits the manufacture, importation, distribution, sale, and advertising of such firearms, effectively rendering over 50 gun models, such as the AR-15, AK-47, and M-16, illegal in the state.

Regrettably, this latest development is merely another phase of the Democrats' agenda to deprive us of our Second Amendment privileges. As stated by the Seattle Times, the legislation argues that "10 types of assault weapons are unsuitable for self-defense," despite President Joe Biden's remarks last autumn, wherein he claimed that the guns were designed to "protect people."

In reality, contemporary sporting rifles, such as the AR-15, are not responsible for mass shootings. Rather, the United States is currently grappling with a mental health emergency, and prohibiting firearms will only affect law-abiding individuals who purchase these types of guns for leisurely purposes. Republican legislators have therefore highlighted that the ban is not the solution.

Republican State Senator Keith Wagoner, a former Marine, expressed his opinion on the matter, stating, "I understand the distinction between a weapon of war and a contemporary sporting rifle, unlike the authors of the Washington State bill." Wagoner went as far as to propose an amendment to the legislation that would exempt active military personnel who are relocating to the state, as well as retired military personnel, from the ban.

Additionally, Republican Senator Lynda Wilson denounced the ban for "focusing on the wrong individuals" and "overlooking the actual issue." She accurately pinpointed that prohibiting firearms would not resolve the problem of mass shootings.

It is regrettable that the Democrats have approved this ban with an emergency clause, indicating that it will take effect once Governor Inslee signs it. Nonetheless, we can take solace in the knowledge that proponents of the Second Amendment have allegedly declared their intention to sue in order to prevent it from being enforced, citing last summer's Bruen ruling by the Supreme Court. We must remain watchful and continue our battle to preserve our right to bear arms.

Written by Staff Reports

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