Bud Light’s Marketing Exec Trashes Loyal Fans in Video: Is “Inclusivity” Push Woke Overreach?

The marketing executive for Bud Light, Alissa Heinerscheid, has been caught on video trashing the company’s loyal fanbase. The video was resurfaced after a collaboration between Bud Light and a transgender TikTok star went viral. Bud Light shared a can of beer with Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it and another can with a rainbow and the slogan “celebrate everyone’s identity.” Mulvaney has been sharing videos online promoting the beer, which has resulted in significant backlash from Bud Light’s customers.

Heinerscheid has been leading the Bud Light marketing efforts, working hard to attract younger drinkers to the brand. In March, she appeared on “Make Yourself At Home,” explaining that she had a mandate to elevate the brand, which had been in decline for some time. She believed that the solution was to make the brand more inclusive and shift the tone. This approach meant that the marketing campaign had to be truly inclusive and appeal to women and men equally. Heinerscheid also noted that representation was critical to the evolution of the brand.

Bud Light had previously opted for a fratty, out-of-touch humor that was no longer effective. The marketing executive recognized that there had to be another approach, and inclusivity was at the heart of it. The video of Heinerscheid has been shared by several Twitter accounts and has amassed millions of views. Many customers have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment, with one user commenting that it was a “brilliant strategy” to hang the marketing plan on trans appeal for only one percent of the market while insulting 45% of women and 54% of men.

Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, attempted to defend the partnership with Mulvaney, stating that they work with hundreds of influencers across their brands to connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points. They also claim that commemorative cans are produced for fans and brand influencers like Mulvaney to celebrate personal milestones, and that these cans are not available for sale to the general public.

In the end, the marketing executive’s ideas of inclusivity and political correctness have backfired drastically. Bud Light was once a beloved beer for many people, but now it seems like the company is putting woke ideology ahead of its customers. It’s time for Bud Light to realize that inclusivity does not mean insulting your customers and pushing a political agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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