Democrats Clash Over Racial Hiring Practices in Michigan Race

Michigan Democrat Elissa Slotkin is facing criticism from fellow Democrat Hill Harper over her minority hiring practices. This drama within the Democratic party in Michigan is a refreshing change from the troubles the Michigan Republicans have been facing. It’s always interesting to see Democrats accusing each other of not living up to their own woke standards.

Harper, a long-shot candidate running against Slotkin, has accused her of engaging in “performative” politics by hiring many black individuals for her campaign team but none for her congressional staff. This kind of accusation plays into the narrative that Democrats prioritize superficial diversity over genuine inclusion. The dream of judging individuals by their character rather than skin color seems to have been lost within the Democratic Party’s obsession with identity politics.


The modern Democratic Party often focuses on checking boxes related to race and gender, rather than valuing individuals for their ideas and qualifications. Accusations of racism within the party reflect a broader trend of using such allegations to gain political leverage and silence opponents. It’s important to question these tactics and hold politicians accountable for their actions and decisions.

While Harper’s accusations may be seen as a way to gain attention in the race, they highlight a deeper issue within the Democratic Party. This kind of infighting may serve as a wake-up call for Democrats to reexamine their reliance on identity politics and move towards a more inclusive and merit-based approach. As a conservative, it’s interesting to see the left grappling with these internal challenges, and it underscores the importance of upholding values of meritocracy and individuality in politics.

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