Rep. Crane Accuses Biden of Border Betrayal, Raises Treason Concerns at Hearing

Rep. Eli Crane of Arizona is criticizing President Biden’s handling of the border and accusing him of betraying the country. Rep. Crane spoke at a Judiciary Committee field hearing on the border in Arizona and suggested that the president’s behavior may qualify as treasonous. He read the definition of treason from the dictionary and expressed feeling betrayed, which was met with some agreement and some opposition.

Republican lawmakers at the hearing heard from local residents, including a former Border Patrol sector chief, a former sheriff’s deputy, a fifth-generation rancher, and a woman who tragically lost two children to fentanyl overdoses. The witnesses all acknowledged that the situation at the border is dire, and some suggested that the administration allowed it to worsen intentionally to change the country’s demographics and gain political advantage.

The former Border Patrol chief, Chris T. Clem, believes that the administration’s actions are driven by political motives. He stated that the purpose of the border situation is to shift power in favor of the Democratic Party. Committee Chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio also expressed concern about the president’s actions. He acknowledged feeling disappointed about the commander-in-chief and struggled to arrive at any other conclusion.

However, no Democrats attended the field hearing, and the White House has rejected the accusations. Immigrant-rights groups have cautioned against these ideas, citing that they have fueled mass shootings.

The Republican lawmakers and witnesses have raised serious concerns about the state of the border and President Biden’s motives. Their allegations have sparked a heated debate about the administration’s handling of immigration and border security.

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