Democrats Eyeing Biden Replacement Critics Mock Jill’s Questionable Dedication

In the latest RedState Morning Minute, the focus is on the aftermath of the recent debates and the potential for a Biden replacement by the Democrats. The article hilariously points out how Jill Biden treats Joe like a child, emphasizing the need for him to step aside, though it seems unlikely given her questionable dedication to the country. The piece also takes a jab at Kamala Harris, highlighting her flaws as a politician and predicting her continued success despite her divisive tactics.

Switching gears to Capitol Hill, the article mentions some upcoming hearings and events taking place, shedding light on the inner workings of government in a witty manner. The writer speculates on Joe Biden’s busy schedule, questioning whether he’ll manage to attend all his planned events without any mishaps, considering his recent issues. 


The article also teases the anticipation around the upcoming Supreme Court opinions and suggests that there may be some surprising outcomes in store. The writer reflects on the disappointing performance of Joe Biden in the recent debate, expressing shock at the lack of viability he displayed and hinting at the need for a Plan B to be put into motion.

In a lighter note, the article shares details about the Deputy Managing Editor for RedState, Susie Moore, offering a glimpse into her personal interests and connections. The piece wraps up by inviting readers to engage in the conversation as VIP Members and highlights trending videos on RedState.

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