Liberals Demand Biden Step Aside After Disastrous Debate Performance

The mainstream media has been abuzz with calls for Joe Biden to step aside after his lackluster performance in the debate against Trump. Writers like Mark Leibovich, Tom Friedman, and Frank Bruni have painted a bleak picture of Biden’s ability to continue in the race. Leibovich even went so far as to say that Biden needs to make way for someone who can uphold the dignity of both himself and his party, all for the sake of the country.

From the get-go of the debate, Biden appeared off-kilter and unsteady. His frozen expression, flat voice, and garbled speech left many wondering if there was anyone truly present in the Oval Office at that moment. Even his most steadfast supporters were left scratching their heads, realizing that the emperor had no clothes. It was a shocking moment for Democratic voters across the nation, some even leaving the room in horror at what they were witnessing. 


The media wasn’t shy in acknowledging Biden’s shaky performance, with the New York Times writing about the Democrats discussing the possibility of replacing him on the ticket. This revelation sparked a wave of anger among those who felt betrayed by the Democratic officials who had put forth a visibly impaired candidate for the highest office in the land.

As the public reels from the aftermath of the disastrous debate, the realization dawns that with Biden in office, there is no true leader at the helm. With crises brewing both domestically and internationally, the country finds itself in a perilous position, with no clear direction from the White House. It’s a moment reminiscent of a train hurtling toward disaster, with a worn-down Biden at the controls, seemingly unaware of the chaos surrounding him.

The question on everyone’s mind remains – who is truly in charge of the clattering train that is the United States government? In this case, it seems that Joe Biden, much like the oblivious engineer in the old poem referenced by Winston Churchill, is the one entrusted with the responsibility, his capabilities failing to match the gravity of the situation.

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