Biden’s Debate Debacle Sparks Media Bias Concerns Ahead of Election

Thursday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a disaster for the Democratic Party, as Biden’s performance was universally panned. Despite taking a week off for debate prep, Biden’s stiff demeanor and lackluster responses made it clear he was not up to the task. The debate setting and rules heavily favored Biden, yet he still failed to impress. 


CNN’s Erin Burnett suggested Biden may have been privy to the questions in advance, given his extensive preparation at Camp David. This raises suspicions, especially considering CNN’s history of leaking debate questions to Democratic candidates. In 2016, Donna Brazile, then a CNN commentator, provided Hillary Clinton with debate questions, leading to her firing.

The question of potential advance knowledge of debate questions for Biden is significant, as it raises concerns about media bias and interference in the electoral process. With Biden’s poor showing in the debate, the Democrats face a challenge in salvaging his image. Conservative Americans must remain vigilant and question the integrity of the election process to ensure fairness and transparency in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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