Democrats Misled: Fire Alarms Can’t Unlock Doors, According to LARRY!

In a recent display of embarrassing incompetence, Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman attempted to delay a vote in Congress by pulling the fire alarm. It seems that Representative Bowman believed that fire alarms have some magical power to open doors and prevent legislation from moving forward. Well, surprise surprise, they don’t! Maybe someone should have given him the memo.

And speaking of surprises, it’s becoming less and less surprising to see Joe Biden’s mental acuity decline with each passing day. The man can barely string a coherent sentence together, yet here he is, supposedly leading our great nation. It’s a sad state of affairs when the leader of the free world struggles to remember where he is or what he’s talking about. But hey, at least we can laugh about it, right?


Meanwhile, Republican Representative Nancy Mace has boldly exposed what many of us conservatives have suspected for a while now – the Biden crime family. It’s no secret that Hunter Biden’s shady dealings have been a cause for concern, but it takes someone with true grit to stand up and speak the truth. Kudos to Representative Mace for shining a light on the corruption that seems to follow the Biden clan wherever they go.

And finally, a round of applause for conservative commentator Mary Katherine Ham, who fearlessly takes on the increasingly woke Hollywood crowd. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the liberal narrative and stand up for conservative values. We need more voices like hers in the media, where the leftist agenda seems to dominate.

Stay tuned for more episodes of LARRY, where conservative commentary meets unfiltered truth. We may not always agree with the mainstream media, but at least we can have a laugh while exposing their biases and holding their feet to the fire.

Written by Staff Reports

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