Obama Judge Strikes Down NC Abortion Law, Ignores Expert Opinions

In a blow to the pro-life movement, a federal judge has struck down portions of North Carolina’s new abortion law. Judge Catherine Eagles, an Obama appointee, has shown her true colors and used her power to undermine the rights of the unborn and protect the profits of the abortion industry.

The law in question sought to limit abortions after 12 weeks, a reasonable restriction considering that by this point in pregnancy, a baby already has limbs, hands, and fingernails. But Judge Eagles, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that she knows better than the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Who needs medical facts when you can just make decisions based on personal ideology?

One of the provisions blocked by Judge Eagles was a requirement for determination and documentation of an intrauterine pregnancy before administering abortion-inducing drugs. Apparently, verifying the existence of a pregnancy is too much to ask. It’s just common sense to ensure that women are receiving proper medical care, but I guess Judge Eagles doesn’t believe in that.

The judge also struck down the law’s requirement that abortions performed after 12 weeks be carried out in a hospital. Clearly, Judge Eagles doesn’t think that the safety of women should be a priority. Who needs the oversight and expertise of medical professionals in a hospital setting? This decision puts women’s health at risk and undermines the credibility of the medical profession.

Of course, the decision was celebrated by Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies. Jenny Black, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, wasted no time in praising the ruling. It’s no surprise that an abortion industry leader would be thrilled to see restrictions on their business overturned. They don’t care about the well-being of women or the lives of the unborn; all they care about is profit.

Not to be outdone, North Carolina’s Democratic Attorney General, Josh Stein, also praised the decision. Stein supports the idea that politicians should stay out of the abortion debate, conveniently forgetting that the role of lawmakers is to protect the most vulnerable among us. Women deserve better than this kind of rhetoric.

It’s clear that this decision is just another example of activist judges using their power to push a liberal agenda. By striking down common-sense restrictions on abortion, Judge Eagles has shown that she values ideology over the lives and well-being of both women and unborn babies. This decision is a tragedy for North Carolina and a blow to the fight for life.

Written by Staff Reports

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