Democrats Panic as Biden Ratings Fall, Trump Legacy Looms Large

Amid the ongoing tumble of President Biden’s approval ratings, the Democrats are in a frenzy, scrambling to find a winning strategy for their beleaguered leader. Biden’s strategists appear to be split: should he pat himself on the back for his so-called accomplishments or dive headfirst into slinging mud at Donald Trump?

A polling group out of left field, Blueprint, has offered President Biden a seemingly magical solution: talk about the economy and inflation, and all will be well. You read that right. They want Biden to convince Americans that he’s the hero of inflation reduction—as if his disastrous economic policies haven’t tanked the wallets of everyday Americans. According to Blueprint’s data, inflation tops the list of concerns for voters, with half of the respondents keen on hearing Biden’s plan to tackle the issue.

Moving on, Blueprint’s lead pollster has an odd theory. He suggests that Biden cast himself as the knight in shining armor for the middle class while painting Trump as a puppet for the wealthy elite and big corporations. This comes off as rich, considering Biden’s term has been a spectacle of Washington pandering to corporate interests and Silicon Valley overlords. Somehow, these pollsters believe Biden can flip the script and sell himself as the man of the people.

Despite Blueprint’s free campaign advice, not everyone on the Left buys what they’re selling. Some Democrats are pushing Biden to refrain from self-congratulation and instead carve up Trump on economic issues. It’s no surprise; how convincing is it for Biden to trumpet his own horn when Americans face soaring prices and an economy that feels as stable as jello? They know Biden’s record speaks volumes—just not in the way they’d prefer.

While Biden’s camp spins its tires, Trump’s team is as bold as ever. The Trump campaign fired back, declaring Biden’s policies on inflation, immigration, and foreign affairs as indefensible. They proudly tout Trump’s record: booming economy, low inflation, affordable gas, secure borders, and global peace. The comparison is stark and biting: life under Trump versus Biden’s bumbling presidency.

In keeping with Democrat tradition, Biden’s campaign has resorted to launching attack ad after attack ad against Trump on every conceivable issue, from the economy to abortion. Their desperation is palpable, and it’s clear that slinging mud may be the only card left in their deck. The narrative even escalates to absurd levels with Biden’s team painting Trump as a madman who lost his marbles over the 2020 election—a far cry from the robust and effective leader Trump portrays.

So there you have it. Biden’s handlers can’t seem to decide between patting their own backs or throwing Trump under the bus. Meanwhile, Trump’s legacy of economic success and strong leadership continues to loom large over Biden’s faltering presidency. It’s going to be a wild ride to 2024, folks. Get your popcorn ready.

Written by Staff Reports

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