Senator Daines Confident Biden Will Stumble in Debate Giving Trump the Advantage

Senator Steve Daines, a key figure in the Republican Party and a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, shared his thoughts exclusively with Breitbart News regarding the upcoming debate between Democrat President Joe Biden and Trump. Daines believes that the more Biden talks during the debate, the better it will be for President Trump, as he anticipates Biden may struggle on such a significant stage.

In an extensive interview with Breitbart News at his home in Montana, Daines outlined the Senate Republicans’ strategy to regain the Senate majority in the upcoming elections. He emphasized the importance of Trump sticking to the core issues and fundamentals during the debate, while allowing Biden to potentially stumble, ensuring a victory for the former president.

Daines humorously suggested that Democrats might need to pump Biden full of caffeine to help him get through the debate, indicating that Biden may not be able to keep up without artificial assistance. Drawing a comparison to a golfer in a winning position at the Masters, Daines advised Trump to maintain his lead by staying focused and not getting distracted by Biden’s potential missteps.

Furthermore, Daines highlighted Trump’s ability to bring people together, even those who may have been critical of him in the past. He stressed the importance for Trump to remain focused on key issues such as inflation, border security, global affairs, and support for Israel, predicting that Trump will outperform Biden in the debate.

Overall, Daines’ insights suggest a confident outlook for President Trump heading into the debate, relying on Trump’s ability to stay on course and let Biden’s own performance potentially work in his favor.

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