Democrats’ Plan to Focus on Trump Backfires as Biden Struggles

After a string of failed attempts to make the upcoming election all about the man they love to hate, Donald Trump, Democrats find themselves in a real pickle. Their plan to keep Trump at the forefront backfired spectacularly, leaving them scrambling like ants at a picnic.

The Biden campaign’s attempts to keep the focus solely on Trump have fallen flatter than a pancake on a steamroller. With no pandemic to blame for hiding the president away, they’ve had to trot poor old Joe out in the open where his mental lapses are as obvious as a zebra in a snowstorm. It’s not a pretty sight, folks.

But the biggest issue here is Biden’s stubborn refusal to read the room. He’s clinging onto the race like a cat on a screen door, despite growing calls for him to gracefully exit stage left. Betting odds might still favor him, but we all know those odds can twist and turn like a twisty-turny thing when you least expect it.

Representative Eric Swalwell, the California moonbat, is shrieking for the focus to swing back to Trump before it’s too late. But hey, if the last three elections have taught us anything, it’s that aiming all your firepower at Trump might just backfire. Bigly. 


As the Democratic camp flounders like a fish out of water, the whispers of replacing Biden are growing louder. But the clock is ticking faster than a hyperactive metronome, and they better make up their minds before the Republicans start popping champagne over at their convention.

With the Democrats facing three equally unappetizing options going forward, it’s like picking your poison at a party with no exits. Do they stick with Biden and hope for a miracle? Do they swap him for Kamala Harris and pray she can steer the ship? Or do they roll the dice on a new face and hope for the best?

Whatever they decide, one thing’s for sure – the Democrats need to slap a Band-Aid on this Biden mess, rip it off like a painful truth, and move on. As for Biden, well, it might be bye-bye time sooner than he thinks. And that’s the bitter brew the Democrats find themselves stewing in.

Written by Staff Reports

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