Biden’s Bedtime Blunders: America’s Leader Taps Out by 8 PM While Citizens Struggle

President Biden’s nap schedule is apparently the new policy-making strategy these days. During a meeting with Democratic governors, America’s commander-in-chief casually admitted that working past 8 p.m. is a no-go for him because he’s simply too tired. So while Americans burn the midnight oil, their leader tucks himself in for beddy-bye time.

One has to wonder if the country is being run by the Sleepy Time Tea mascot. While Democrats are howling at the moon about climate change and social justice, their fearless leader is counting sheep. It’s a surreal moment straight out of a slapstick comedy – cue the laugh track and watch as Biden dozes off in his favorite recliner.

Remember when past presidents would burn the candle at both ends for the sake of the nation? Apparently, the new norm is torching an aromatherapy candle while catching some Z’s. Perhaps the Secret Service has replaced the legendary nuclear football with a fluffy pillow and a warm glass of milk. Maybe they even lull him to sleep with bedtime stories of progressive policies while the rest of us scramble to keep our heads above water.

One can only imagine the bombshells being dropped in the Oval Office as Biden snoozes. World leaders could ring him up for a chat, but sorry, they’re greeted by Biden’s snoring instead. His early bedtime is an open invitation for global adversaries to act up, knowing full well the big guy is tucked in tighter than a burrito.

So here’s the game plan: don’t call Joe after 8 p.m., because that’s when America’s top dog turns into just another sleeping puppy. But hey, at least our bedtime leader is consistent. Maybe in between naps, he’ll remember what decade it is. Until then, sweet dreams, America.

Written by Staff Reports

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