Biden’s Violent Rhetoric Towards Trump Ignored by Mainstream Media

Joe Biden, in his continued efforts to maintain his position in the presidential race, recently made some controversial statements that have raised eyebrows. During a meeting with congressional Democrats, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to staying in the race and even invited those who think otherwise to challenge him at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. However, it was a private call with Democrat donors that sparked concern, with reports indicating Biden used inappropriate and violent language, stating, “It’s time to put Trump in the bullseye.”

The use of such language has drawn comparisons to a past incident involving Sarah Palin, where the media wrongly attempted to link her to a tragic shooting in Tucson. Palin had utilized crosshairs on a political map, and following the shooting, she faced unfounded accusations of inciting violence. Despite the lack of evidence connecting her to the incident, the media continued to push the narrative of blaming Palin.

The hypocrisy in how the media handled the Palin situation versus Biden’s recent comments is glaring. While Palin was unjustly targeted and vilified, Biden’s violent rhetoric seems to be brushed aside without the same level of scrutiny. The double standard is clear, with Biden receiving a pass for his inflammatory language while Palin faced relentless criticism for far less.

The real question here is whether those who condemned Palin for her actions will hold Biden to the same standard. Will there be outrage over Biden’s callous words towards Trump, or will it be conveniently ignored? The media’s selective outrage and bias are on full display once again, proving that when it comes to holding Democrats accountable, there seems to be a glaring blind spot. The lack of consistency in condemning violent rhetoric exposes a significant flaw in how the media and the public approach political discourse.

Written by Staff Reports

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