Biden Doc Denies Parkinson’s Specialist Visit, Cites Routine Care

In a twist that could befuddle even the most seasoned political observers, President Joe Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, has adamantly denied that a Parkinson’s specialist who frequented the White House was there to examine the president. Let’s just say it’s one of those “nothing to see here, folks” moments from an administration that’s quickly become the master of the circus act.

It seems Dr. Kevin Cannard, who apparently loves the White House ambiance so much he’s visited eight times in the past year, is there purely for “general neurology practice.” According to the White House doc, this is part of a routine setup. Evidently, Cannard’s presence is just a typical day in the Biden administration’s alternative reality. Who are they fooling?

Maybe Cannard is just a really dedicated neurologist concerned with the health of the personnel around the president. O’Connor’s letter emphasizes that Cannard has contributed across “many patients” at the White House Medical Clinic. Apparently, these active-duty members must have some serious neurological concerns given the regularity of his visits. Either that or someone is stalling for time before they send Joe out on another bewildering public appearance.

Sure, O’Connor confirmed that Cannard conducted Biden’s neurology exams during his annual check-ups, but let’s face it—anyone can see there’s a stylistic resemblance in Biden’s public stumbles and confusion that reeks of something more serious. Yet, while the White House tries to tie an ornate bow on this concerning package, the common sense of America keeps unwrapping it.

Adding to the comedy, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t even confirm Cannard’s White House visits during a combative press briefing. Citing “security and privacy” concerns, she dodged more than a quarterback on Super Bowl Sunday. One wonders how transparent this administration intends to be or if they’ve simply perfected the art of political charades.

The story gains further traction post-Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump, where Biden’s floundering made Democrats question his viability as the party’s nominee. Laughing stock or legitimate governance? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but let’s be honest—America deserves answers, not evasive letters and press briefings that contribute more to a narrative of confusion and cover-up.

Written by Staff Reports

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