Democrat’s Wild Theory: Russia Altered Hunter’s Laptop!

During a recent hearing for the House Judiciary Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Congressman Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York, decided to go on a wild goose chase with his conspiracy theories. He claimed, with absolutely no evidence to back it up, that Hunter Biden’s laptop could have been altered by Russia or Rudy Giuliani. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Thankfully, independent reporter Michael Shellenberger wasn’t afraid to laugh in Goldman’s face and call out his ridiculousness.

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This thing has been causing quite a stir in the allegations of corruption surrounding the Biden family. It contained thousands of emails between Hunter and his associates, discussing shady deals with foreign nationals and the mysterious “big guy” who we all suspect is good ol’ Joe Biden himself.

The New York Post did some excellent investigative reporting and dropped a bombshell report on the laptop’s contents. They even released hundreds of emails, bank records, and other communications that further implicated the Biden family in questionable activities. No wonder we’ve got an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

But back to the hearing. Goldman actually had the audacity to admit that President Biden had communications with his son’s business partners. Yet, somehow, he still defended the president’s conduct. Talk about blind loyalty. Anyway, Goldman tried to discredit the authenticity of the laptop by claiming that it wasn’t even the one the FBI had. He argued that it was just a hard drive published by the New York Post and not authenticated by them. But Shellenberger quickly shut him down by pointing out that the contents were the same and had been verified. Score one for common sense.

Then things got even more ridiculous. Goldman started spewing his baseless theories about how the hard drives could have been manipulated by Rudy Giuliani or even Russia. Seriously, is Goldman auditioning for a role in a spy movie? When asked for evidence, he came up empty-handed and just doubled down on his conspiracy theories. He even suggested that the New York Post might be in on the conspiracy. Give me a break.

Thankfully, Shellenberger wasn’t having any of it. He called out Goldman’s conspiracy theories and rightfully labeled them as nothing more than a figment of his imagination. The embarrassment was so real that Goldman quickly changed the subject and started blabbering about the deposition of Hunter Biden. He tried to push for a private deposition, but House Republicans want a closed-door session first, following the precedent set in the impeachment trials of former President Trump. Talk about transparency, right?

In the end, Goldman’s partisan agenda was clear as day. He couldn’t resist spewing pro-Biden talking points, even as his time ran out. It’s time for Americans to see through these political games and demand the truth. Transparency shouldn’t be a one-sided affair, and the American people deserve better. Let’s hope the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop and all the corruption it might reveal comes to light, and those responsible are held accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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