Harris Vows to Blow Whistle on Biden’s Problems ‘If Necessary’!

Vice President Kamala Harris assured the American people that she would be transparent if there were any concerns about President Joe Biden’s advanced age. The pledge came during an onstage interview at a New York Times summit on Wednesday. The discussion was prompted by Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s doubts about Biden’s mental capacity, which he expressed during his own appearance at the summit.

Harris didn’t hold back in her response, taking a playful dig at McCarthy’s judgment. She dismissed his opinion, stating, “I don’t think he’s a judge of negotiations,” alluding to his past ouster as speaker. Harris then went on to defend Biden’s cognitive abilities, emphasizing that “age is more than a chronological fact.” In her view, Biden consistently outperforms others in the room when it comes to critical thinking and problem-solving.

The interviewer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, pushed further, suggesting that Harris might be biased in her assessment. He asked her if she would disclose any potential issues with Biden’s mental acuity to the American public. Harris reassured Sorkin that she would, if necessary, but emphasized that there was no need for such action at present. She cautioned against being distracted by the concerns raised about Biden’s age, suggesting they were attempts to undermine his accomplishments as president.

By engaging in lively banter and expressing her unwavering support for Biden, Harris showcased her loyalty and commitment to the administration. The vice president’s quick wit and confidence were on full display, giving the audience a glimpse of her own political prowess.

Written by Staff Reports

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