Dems Demand Trump Ban from Ballots, Voters Say Let Trump Run!

In the ongoing battle of the ballots, Democrats are pushing hard to scrub former President Donald Trump’s name from the 2024 election lineup. Why? Because they’re claiming he’s the big, bad wolf responsible for the Capitol riots. They’re all in a tizzy, with 66% of Democrats clamoring for Trump’s name to be erased from the ballots. They’re practically cheering it on, with a whopping 50% of them strongly approving of this outrageous plan.

But hold on to your hats, folks! Despite the left’s fervent desire to give Trump the boot, the rest of the American people aren’t so quick to jump on their bandwagon. In fact, a solid 53% majority of voters want Trump’s name to stay right where it is – on the ballots, that is. After all, a fair and square election means every candidate deserves a shot, right?

Now, we’re looking at a real doozy in Colorado and a few other states. Election officials there are doing some serious finger-pointing, blaming Trump for the Capitol riots and accusing him of violating the good ol’ Constitution. They’re itching to wipe his name off the ballots, but hold your horses! The Supreme Court is gearing up to have the final say on this wild goose chase.

Meanwhile, on the flip side, some Republican bigwigs are tossing around the idea of retaliating. They’re suggesting that maybe President Joe Biden’s name should go missing from the ballots too. But guess what? The majority of voters and even close to half of Republicans are giving that notion a firm thumbs-down. It’s a resounding 66%-29% rejection, to be exact. We’re talking about a whole lot of crossed arms and shaking heads here, folks.

And speaking of Republicans, they’re drawing a line in the sand over this whole ballot debacle. Rasmussen Reports went ahead and asked them if all this ballot shuffling might just spark a full-blown civil war, and get this – 51% of Republicans said it’s a real possibility. It’s no secret that our nation is on the brink of a political powder keg, and this latest revelation is just adding fuel to the fire.

Written by Staff Reports

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