Dems Rig Primaries to Save Biden: New Hampshire Fights Back!

Once more, the Democratic Party has resorted to old tricks in an attempt to rig their own primary and guarantee that Joe Biden will not encounter genuine opposition. Their extreme fear of allowing their own voters a reasonable voice in the process is almost comical.

They initially attempted to pull a quick one by scheduling the South Carolina primary before the New Hampshire primary. Why? Due to the fact that South Carolina is a more favorable environment for Biden, they anticipated that it would benefit him in the 2020 presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders was on the verge of losing the Democratic nomination when the establishment of the party in South Carolina went all out to assure Joe Biden's victory. Consider this a rigged contest!

However, New Hampshire had none of it. Having discerned the Democrats' machinations, they resolved to proceed with their primary against South Carolina notwithstanding. Consider that a power play! That completely infuriated the DNC, which subsequently erupted in a tantrum and refused to tally the delegates of the state. It appears that when circumstances do not favor them, they simply retrieve their ball and depart.

A recent contentious issue pertains to a robocall that employs the "voice" of Joe Biden in an effort to dissuade Democrats from casting their ballots in New Hampshire. Are you able to trust it? In an attempt to stifle the vote and shield Biden from potential disgrace, the Democrats are turning to desperate measures. A decrease in voter participation facilitates the tendency to disregard the outcomes as inconsequential. One might even say that they were playing unethical!

State authorities are conducting an investigation to determine who is responsible for this nefarious strategy. It is extremely improbable that it originated from a Biden-affiliated entity, but we all know how extensive the Democrats' network of dark money organizations is. They will make every effort to accomplish their objectives.

However, let's pause and carefully consider this. Does any of this inspire optimism regarding Biden? If he is an incumbent who is virtually unassailable, what is the point in suppressing the vote? Fear is evident among the Democratic Party, and justifiably so. They would have us believe that Biden is a forceful leader when the reality is otherwise. Indeed, it is questionable whether his opponents possess sufficient ballot access to secure victory in every state. Such is the weakness of the Democratic field!

As the Democrats persist in manipulating the outcome and attracting further unfavorable scrutiny, we can therefore be certain that their desperation signifies a vulnerability within themselves. We should persist in advocating for elections that are impartial and transparent, in which each individual's vote is considered and their opinion is acknowledged. It is time to definitively put an end to their nefarious practices.

Written by Staff Reports

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