Dems side with China over their own constituents, approve risky green energy project

Michigan’s Democratic state senators are facing widespread criticism after approving a “Chinese-backed green energy project,” much to the chagrin of their constituents. At a recent public hearing in the state, the public voiced unanimous opposition to the project and Michigan’s Democratic senators, who were considering the use of $175 million in taxpayer funds for the construction of an electric vehicle battery plant in Big Rapids Township, which would be owned by a Chinese tech company called Gotion.

Hannah Saez, the clerk for Big Rapids Township, said she was “gravely disappointed” that the energy project was even up for consideration. She noted that a survey revealed 50% of citizens do not want the plant built, and that local lawmakers seemed to be turning a blind eye to the wishes of constituents by allocating taxpayer dollars to a foreign company that poses threats to national security.

It’s not surprising that members of the public are vocally opposed to the project, particularly given Gotion’s parent company is from China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has repeatedly shown disregard for human rights and dignity, not to mention the fact that it represents a Communist regime notoriously hostile to American values and way of life.

Despite concerns raised at the public hearing, senators voted overwhelmingly in favor of the project. The final vote was 10-9, with all Republicans and three Democrats voting against it. It’s yet another example of Michigan’s Democratic Party putting their national party agenda ahead of the constituents they were elected to serve. The decision is particularly disheartening given the state’s long-term economic woes and history as a manufacturing hub.

Democrats in Michigan need to prioritize the interests of their constituents over dangerous and untrustworthy CCP-backed companies. Michigan must rebuild its economy with robust and sensible planning that prioritizes its own tax-paying citizens, not unreliable and risky foreign entities.

Written by Staff Reports

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