Divisive Don Lemon Gets The Boot: CNN Finally Takes A Stand Against Bias

CNN, a network infamous for pushing divisive and biased narratives, finally took a step in the right direction by firing embattled and controversial anchor, Don Lemon. After weeks of negative stories surrounding his on-air statements and off-camera behavior, it’s about time CNN parted ways with Lemon. His firing also raises concerns about the so-called “larger issues at play” at the network that led to his dismissal. While Lemon claims to have been blindsided by the news, it’s no secret that he has been warned repeatedly for his controversial statements and was even forced into taking “sensitivity training.”

It’s refreshing to see CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht paint the situation realistically, stating that Don Lemon and CNN have parted ways. With his firing, Lemon is finally being held accountable for his divisive and biased rhetoric that has long plagued the network. CNN remains “committed to success” following his departure, which is especially important given their stubbornly headed ratings.

Don Lemon’s termination from CNN should serve as a warning to the rest of the liberal media. Americans are tired of the constant division and partisan spin that plagues the industry. It’s time to start reporting the facts and telling the truth, otherwise, they may find themselves out of a job just like Lemon.

Written by Staff Reports

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