Dems Target GOP: Impeachment Drama Ignites Over AG Garland Saga

The Democrats are at it again! First it was President Trump, now it’s the Republicans who are being subjected to baseless impeachment inquiries. In a tweet on Sunday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke out against the recent attacks against Attorney General Merrick Garland. It seems that his tenure has been plagued with charges of weaponization on multiple fronts. An IRS whistleblower has made claims against the attorney general, and charges against Hunter Biden have also been brought up. These allegations cannot be ignored and must be investigated thoroughly.

The U.S. Attorney David Weiss needs to provide answers to the House Judiciary Committee, and the investigation should extend to an impeachment inquiry into the weaponization of DOJ. McCarthy noted that “none of it smells right and none of it is right.” The fact that the attorney general has claimed that Weiss could bring charges against Hunter Biden when Weiss himself says he could not is troubling. This contradiction must be addressed, and the truth revealed.

The matter has only gotten more confusing since the first reports surfaced. Now, more than ever, clarity is needed to resolve the issue. A June 7, 2023 letter from Weiss to the House Judiciary Committee reveals that Weiss had the “ultimate authority” and “full authority” to charge Hunter Biden. Weiss’s letter seems to back Garland’s claims, but why would Weiss mislead the senior leadership responsible for the Hunter Biden investigation?

It is not uncommon for Democrats to pressure individuals and bring forth false claims. The Democrats are creating a culture where innocent people can be taken down with unproven accusations. Weiss may have been under pressure and included in Garland’s scheme to lie to Congress. An inquiry into Weiss’s statement during the meeting on Oct. 7, 2022, and the genesis of the June 7, 2023, letter Weiss sent the House Judiciary Committee is necessary.

The House Judiciary Committee shares these concerns about Weiss’s June 7th letter. Chairman Jim Jordan has asked for a list of those who drafted the letter and instructed him to sign and send it. The deadline for Weiss’s response is July 6th. The truth must be revealed, and the wrongdoings uncovered. The attack on conservative Americans and Republicans must stop, and justice must be served.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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