Lockdowns Crush Church Attendance: Left’s Secular Agenda Winning?

A new Gallup poll revealed that the coronavirus pandemic and various lockdowns during the past few years have greatly affected the attendance at religious services in the U.S. From 2016 to 2019, the average attendance at religious services had been around 34%. However, since 2020, it has dropped to around 30%.

According to the survey, many Americans avoided going to public events due to the pandemic. But, it is not clear if this is a result of the pandemic or if the trends predate it.

Even religious services, which can be found on radio, television, or the internet, have reportedly decreased in attendance. Religion, which is on the decline in the US, has only half of Americans believing that God exists. This could be caused by the progressive left's attacks on religion.

The drop in church attendance has been observed in various major religious groups. For instance, the number of people attending worship services of Protestants has decreased from 44% to 40%. On the other hand, the number of Catholics has dropped from 37% to 30%. Since the sample sizes were limited, reliable estimates of other religious groups were not available during the study period.

The decline of religion is becoming more apparent in the US. According to a Gallup analysis, the number of Americans who participate in religious activities has decreased over the last two decades.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to avoid going to church, those who have no religious affiliation have not seen a notable change in their church attendance. This suggests that the overall trend toward decreasing church attendance is not a result of the pandemic.

The pandemic has led to a decline in church attendance among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Although there has been a drop in overall church attendance, Republicans continue to be the most likely group to attend religious services.

The trend toward decreasing religious participation in the US has been observed for the last two decades. According to a Gallup poll, this decline is part of the larger trend that has decreased the number of Americans who participate in religious activities. Although it is sad that the pandemic has affected the community's religious habits, it is still important that people continue to maintain their values and faith.

Source: Red State

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