Desantis defends traditional family values with new Parental Rights law

On Wednesday, officials in the Florida Department of Education have approved an expansion of the state’s Parental Rights in Education law, a decision applauded by those who believe in traditional family values. While leftists and activists have condemned it as “Don’t Say Gay” law, conservatives believe it is a necessary step to protect children’s innocence.

The law is designed to safeguard the basics of morality and keep children from getting corrupted at a young age. It ensures that discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity are not permitted for children through third grade. The ban will be eased thereafter, but discussions on these highly sensitive issues will still have to be age-appropriate.

The proposed rule would restrict lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation from fourth grade through high school, with one exception being available. Students can opt-out of reproductive health classes. This rule does not need any legislative approvals and will be implemented shortly.

As per the new law, anyone who violates the rule could face suspension or revocation of their teaching license. This is a crucial step towards making sure that schools don’t become breeding grounds for left-wing propaganda and do what is right for children’s emotional, mental, and moral development.

One of the most significant victories for conservatives in Florida came earlier this year, in which Florida’s Board of Medicine and Florida’s Board of Osteopathic Medicine decided not to do away with a state rule banning transgender care for minors, including hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

Florida Republicans have always stood up for traditional family values and parental rights, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed this parental rights bill into law to ensure that parents’ fundamental role in their child’s education is protected. The governor has said that parents have the right to be informed about the services offered to their child at school, and it is the state’s responsibility to protect children from being sexualized at a young age.

Moreover, conservatives have also celebrated the ruling of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Barbara Lagoa, who decided that the district’s policy is correct. The policy protects students by keeping restrooms aligned with students’ biological sex rather than their gender identity, which is a victory for common sense and decency.

The new legislation is an excellent step forward in ensuring that children in Florida are protected from leftist propaganda and activist agendas seeking to corrupt them. It is the right thing to do and helps to preserve traditional values that have made America great since its founding.

Written by Staff Reports

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