Libs Flush Away $1.7 Million In Taxpayer Money For 2 Public Toilets

San Francisco supervisors cannot seem to understand how to spend state funding correctly, as they have just approved to use $1.7 million to build two public toilets instead of the agreed-upon one. The toilets are expected to take two years to complete, which is ridiculous considering the original plan was for only one toilet.

After community outrage, Assembly Member Matt Haney requested the Recreation and Park Director to provide details on costs. This was seen as a justifiable move as Governor Gavin Newsom himself stepped in and stated that California will hold funding until San Francisco delivers a plan to use this public money more efficiently. If they cannot, the state will revoke the appropriation.

The actions of San Francisco city leaders clearly display the gross over-spending and the need for conservatism in government spending. It is essential to bring down costs and eliminate bureaucracy, which is ultimately driving prices up for taxpayers. Supervisor Rafael Mandelman highlighted how it makes it hard to figure out what the cost of government is, which is a clear indication that the current system is failing.

The costs have increased in San Francisco ever since the city-sanctioned boycott of 30 states that passed conservative laws on LGBTQ, abortion, and voting. This shows how liberal policies such as boycotts and sanctions do nothing but harm the city and its taxpayers.

Mayor London Breed’s office did not immediately respond to the request for comment, which shows that they are not concerned about the unnecessary spending of taxpayer dollars. It is time for San Francisco to focus on efficient spending and sensible policies that benefit all its citizens, not just a select few.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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