Democrat Rep. Brings SHOCKING Display to Capitol

Democratic State Representative Justin Jones brought a child-sized casket into the Tennessee State Capitol on Tuesday as a part of a morality protest against gun control. However, the rally was barred from entering the House chambers by Capitol Security. Jones’s protest is related to a new law known as House Bill 1202 that allows school faculty and staff to obtain enhanced handgun permits to carry concealed weapons on school premises. The protest was organized by activist Bishop William J. Barber II.

Jones and fellow Democratic Justin Pearson made headlines for their participation in gun control protests at the Tennessee Capitol Building. They were expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives on April 6 by Republican state lawmakers. However, they were soon reinstated by their respective local governments a week later. The protest was against the Nashville mass school shooting in which three adults and three children were killed on March 27. Jones claimed that the protesters were locked out and that the caskets were meant to send a message about the importance of gun control policy. 

Protests against gun control have become increasingly popular in recent months, and the Republican State Legislature is taking bold steps to reduce gun control policy. Such policies are based on the Second Amendment rights of the Constitution and are integral to the country’s foundation. The protest by Jones and his fellow Democrats signals a growing trend of progressive politics eradicating the constitutional rights of Americans.

In conclusion, the protest led by Jones symbolizes an erosion in constitutional principles that have meandered away from moral values. Although the Tennessee State Legislature is working to deliver rights and freedoms, the democrat’s rallies are detrimental to the principles of democracy. It is vital to safeguard the Constitution’s rights, freedoms, and the security of all citizens, including those with opposing viewpoints.

Written by Staff Reports

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