DeSantis Fires Back at Haley’s Disney Drama: GOP Must Protect Kids, Not Big Corporations

Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to attacks from presidential candidate Nikki Haley over his stance on Disney, calling them “utterly bizarre.” Haley accused DeSantis of playing “vendetta stuff” with Disney, saying he seemed to take campaign donations from the company before turning on them. However, DeSantis disputes this, saying he opposes the company’s role in trying to repeal a Florida law protecting children from sexually explicit material in classrooms.

DeSantis also addressed other Republicans who have “sided with Disney,” arguing that the party needed to stand up for individual taxpayers and small businesses rather than large corporations. DeSantis pointed out that Disney’s government and massive subsidies have since been “unwound” by his administration, and he vowed to stand up to anyone who tries to sexualize or rob children of their innocence. 

As someone who understands how the woke left operates and how to effectively fight back, DeSantis has gained resounding support from voters by opposing corporate wokeness. His leadership perspective and commitment to standing with children make him the ideal candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. For her part, Haley picked the wrong lane by siding with Disney and ignoring the charge to protect children.

Haley’s attack on DeSantis shows how important it is for Republicans to challenge each other’s positions, particularly on issues as crucial as this. As the primary campaign progresses, the contenders need to remain vigilant and vigilant, highlighting the critical issues that matter to voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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