RFK Jr. Exposes Dems as “Party of War”: Biden’s Dangerous Legacy Unraveled

During a discussion with Elon Musk on Twitter, Robert Kennedy Jr. criticized the Democratic Party for becoming "the party of war." The presidential candidate noted that the party's foreign policy goals are very dangerous.

Joe Kennedy blamed President Biden for supporting aggressive foreign policies. He claimed that Biden believed that violence was a legitimate political tool that could achieve the goals of the US. His stance on war is a cause for concern among Democrats, who claim to be anti-war.

Kennedy noted that his uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, was one of the first individuals to oppose the Iraq War. According to RFK Jr., Biden was the one who pushed for the war when his uncle was against it. It is clear that the Biden Administration is still carrying on with this legacy.

During their two-hour conversation, Kennedy discussed the various programs related to biological weapons in other nations, including the US. The world is in danger of being destroyed by such weapons, and it's time for the US to prioritize getting rid of these dangerous substances.

Kennedy has criticized the policies of Biden on the Ukraine conflict. He noted that neocons wanted a war with Russia just like they did with Iraq. If Ukraine had not integrated its forces with NATO, it could have avoided the conflict with Russia in 2022 by not allowing the US to deploy missile launchers near its border.

It's heartbreaking to see how the Democratic Party has gone off the rails when it comes to international affairs. Robert Kennedy Jr.'s call for a more balanced approach to foreign policy can help restore the trust of voters.

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