Patriotic Kids Books Battle Left’s Brainwashing: Meet Brave Books’ Heroic CEO

Trent Talbot, the founder and CEO of Brave Books, is a true hero. Not only is he a highly educated ophthalmologist, but he’s also helping to revolutionize the culture by creating children’s books that teach conservative values and traditional patriotism. In a world where our children are constantly bombarded with brainwashing tactics from the left, Talbot is providing parents with the tools they need to ensure that their children grow up with a real understanding of American values.

Brave Books is unlike any book series out there, with its own universe, courageous cast of characters, and a multi-year plot that takes families on an exciting journey through Freedom Island. The company features conservative influencers as catalysts for stories that teach children the foundations of our representative republic.

With the launch of the Freedom Island Tour, featuring the likes of Kirk Cameron, Riley Gaines, and Sheriff Mark Lamb, Brave Books is changing the game. These events offer a refreshing alternative to Drag Queen story hours and other leftist propaganda. They feature reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing patriotic songs while authors and conservative activists share their stories and experiences. The response has been overwhelming, proving that there is a real need for a brand that conservative parents and grandparents can trust.

Brave Books takes a smart, multi-pronged approach to choosing the conservatives and personalities to author the books. John Solomon, a media guru who knows all about censorship, was the perfect choice to write a book on that very topic. Talbot isn’t afraid to go out and reach out to people or let them lead the way if they have a great idea.

Talbot’s vision is not limited to a few books. He’s planning 50-100 years into the future. Could a Freedom Island Theme Park be part of its plan? It’s certainly possible, and we’d love to see it. Talbot is a true visionary, and through Brave Books, he’s helping to create a better world for our children.

It’s time to end the brainwashing and take back our culture. Brave Books is leading the way.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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