Newsom Accuses DeSantis of Kidnapping Illegals: Hypocrisy or Genuine Outrage?

Gavin Newsom is at it again! This time the California Governor is calling for charges of kidnapping to be brought against Ron DeSantis, all because of a flight carrying a small number of illegal immigrants that happened to land in California. It seems that Newsom’s hospitality toward illegal immigrants has its limits, especially when they arrive via airplane.

One has to wonder about the sudden change of heart. After all, Newsom has long expressed his support for illegals, even welcoming them with open arms. However, this latest response brought on an investigation by the California Department of Justice while calling for charges to be brought against DeSantis, who has been accused of working to orchestrate the flight.

But, let’s be clear about this situation. You can’t charge someone with kidnapping when they’re providing voluntary rides to people. These illegal immigrants were likely living on the streets after crossing the border, so an offer of going to a sanctuary state like California would be enticing. They wouldn’t have been forced or lied to into making the trip, so where’s the case for kidnapping?

It also seems hypocritical of Newsom to suddenly care about having illegals in his own backyard after he pronounces California a sanctuary state. In fact, in 2018, Newsom seemed all too happy to promote illegals working in California, particularly in the agriculture sector. So, what’s changed?

Ultimately, it’s time for sanctuary states to start taking responsibility for the policies they’ve been promoting. California should be the first place that illegals are sent, given that they’ve been welcoming them for years. If Newsom and his Democratic team want to stop the illegals coming to their communities, they should start enforcing regulatory laws. Until then, keep on with the buses and flights.

Written by Staff Reports

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