Sunny Hostin Tries & Fails to Corner Sen. Tim Scott on Racism – He Shines in Latest “The View” Fiasco

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott is unarguably a beacon of success, but even left-wing media outlets can’t resist trying to bring him down a notch. Scott’s appearance on a recent episode of “The View” took a tumultuous turn when co-host Sunny Hostin attempted to provoke him. During the show, Hostin insisted on discussing “systemic racism” with Scott despite his desires to focus on his life story and 2024 presidential ambitions. Sen. Scott remained poised throughout the entirety of the segment, refusing to indulge in Hostin’s attempts to incite drama. Despite Hostin’s belligerence, Sen. Scott refused to give in to her prompting and maintained his arguments. Hostin was eventually put in check by the show’s staff when it was necessary to cut to commercial.

Leftists like Hostin always seem to disregard statistics when attempting to prove their fallacious points. Nearly every sector of the US, there’re racial disparity issues, yet she chose to ask Scott to define “systemic racism,” hoping to put him in a bad light. Proving that he was not one to be flustered, Sen. Scott listed his impressive feats and accomplishments over the last several decades. Yet, Hostin still saw fit to insist that being an “exception” does not excuse the persistence of racial inequality in this country. It’s difficult to argue that the Republicans are an “exception” with the first black president being a Democrat. Democrats tend to rely on divisive identity politics so, when someone accomplishes something positive outside of their agenda, it’s viewed as an exception.

“The View” is known for its notorious history with conservative guests, often trying to silence and frustrate them. Hostin’s behavior is emblematic of the mainstream media’s pursuit of making Republicans out to be racists, even when the evidence is overwhelming to the contrary. But luckily, Scott refused to fall into the trap and kept his eyes on the prize, putting his aspirations and accomplishments before the drama. Thankfully the show’s staff was able to end the segment before it became too overpowering. Senator Scott’s demeanor and intelligence are proof that the Republican party has some of the most remarkable people in the political arena today.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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