DeSantis no match for Trump? GOP donors sound off on 2024 run

A recent report by NBC News suggests that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be contemplating a bid for the presidency in 2024. However, some important donors are said to have reservations about his chances of success in a potential primary battle against former President Donald Trump. The report indicates that 16 notable Republican donors who previously showed support for DeSantis now have doubts about his recent criticisms of Trump, as well as his ability to effectively confront him in a primary contest. One attendee reportedly commented that DeSantis "will get scarred up" if he were to face off against Trump.

Several of Governor DeSantis' supporters and donors are concerned that his recent missteps indicate that he may not be prepared for a potentially brutal battle against Donald Trump. Some suggest that DeSantis should avoid confronting Trump altogether and instead consider running for president in 2028. Even Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, who were among the most generous donors to DeSantis' 2022 re-election campaign, have started to slow down their contributions. A Republican strategist has expressed that DeSantis' current activities, including a book tour around the country, may not be viewed favorably, especially since Trump is currently facing a politically-charged indictment.

During a recent press conference, DeSantis made remarks directed at Trump, questioning his knowledge of paying hush money to porn stars. Some view these comments as a misstep, potentially decreasing DeSantis' likelihood of success in a primary battle against Trump. It seems that DeSantis may be missing his opportunity, and his supporters and donors would prefer that he avoid directly confronting Trump, as they believe this would be more beneficial to his future prospects. Hopefully, DeSantis will take this advice into consideration and make a thoughtful decision for his political future.

Written by Staff Reports

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