CNN’s Latest Nonsense: “Digital Blackface” for Using Black Emojis?

The Clown News Network, also known as CNN, has reached a new level of absurdity with its recent segment on “digital blackface.” The article, written by Lauren Michele Jackson, claims that if a white person posts a GIF or meme of a black person to express a strong emotion, they may be guilty of wearing “digital blackface.” Can you believe this nonsense?

According to CNN, digital blackface can be found when a display of emotion is stereotyped as excessive. Apparently, black characters are rarely afforded subtle traits or feelings. CNN claims that “digital blackface has softer counterparts, just like offline blackface.” This is patently ridiculous.

The weight of reaction GIFing, according to Jackson, rests on black shoulders. CNN argues that employing digital technology to co-opt a perceived cache or black cool involves playacting blackness in a minstrel-like tradition.

Normal Americans know that when we share GIFs, we don’t pay attention to the race of the person in the GIF. The idea of “digital blackface” is just another attempt by the left to divide us along racial lines. We must stand together against this digital segregation.

CNN’s article was ridiculed on Twitter, where hundreds of users replied with GIFs featuring iconic black characters. This just goes to show that normal Americans don’t let things like funny GIFs divide us. We hold all GIFs to be equally funny, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or nationality.

CNN has truly lost it with this ridiculous article. It’s time for the network to come back to reality and report on the news in an unbiased manner. Until then, we’ll continue to call them the Clown News Network.

Written by Staff Reports

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