DeSantis Suffers as Trump Rises: Can He Catch the MAGA Wave or Drown in Defeat?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the conservative champion who was supposed to carry on the legacy of Trump and save us from the disastrous Biden administration, is facing a major setback. Just when he was beginning to make strides in the polls, Trump announced his bid for the presidency again, throwing a wrench in DeSantis’ political plans. And to make matters worse, Trump has been indicted once again.

Now, love him or hate him, you have to admit that Trump has a knack for turning any situation to his advantage. Most politicians would be sunk by an indictment, but not Trump. He thrives on being the victim of a corrupt political establishment, a rogue FBI, and a biased media. His followers eat it up, and his support only grows stronger.

So where does that leave DeSantis? If attacks from both the Left and the Right can’t damage Trump, then what chance does DeSantis have? The primary field is filled with no-names who don’t stand a chance against the Trump juggernaut. Unless someone like North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who’s independently wealthy, enters the race, it’s going to be a Trump-DeSantis showdown.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, he hasn’t been able to capitalize on Trump’s legal troubles. He hasn’t gained any traction in the GOP primary polls, and his favorability rating is plummeting. Just 35.9 percent of Americans view him favorably, while 45.2 percent view him unfavorably. Ouch.

Even his own campaign is sounding the alarm bells. Steve Cortes, a former Trump adviser and spokesperson for DeSantis’ super PAC, admitted that they are facing an “uphill battle” and are trailing badly in the key nominating states. He praised Trump as the “runaway frontrunner” and acknowledged that DeSantis has a lot of work to do.

Now, I’m not saying that the DeSantis campaign is sinking like the Titanic, but it’s definitely taking on water. And history has shown that once you’re behind Trump in the polls, it’s hard to catch up. Donors are starting to get nervous, and who can blame them? Why invest in a campaign that seems to be going nowhere fast?

It’s a tough position for DeSantis to be in, but maybe he can turn things around. Maybe he can find a way to make his own case to the American people and show them why he’s the better choice. But if history is any indication, he better do it fast, or he’ll be left in the dust by the Trump train.

Written by Staff Reports

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