Biden Family Snubs Navy Joan: Shameful Selective Grandparenting Exposed

In some jaw-dropping news, it’s been reported that Hunter Biden, the infamous son of President Joe Biden, has finally reached a child support agreement with the mother of his out-of-wedlock child, Navy Joan. While this legal matter may have been settled, the disturbing treatment this poor little girl has endured from her own family is truly tragic.

During a White House event earlier this year, President Joe Biden shockingly denied Navy Joan’s existence when he proudly boasted about his six grandchildren. Oh, wait, did he forget about little Navy Joan? She’s actually his seventh grandchild, but apparently, acknowledging her isn’t as important as bragging about the others. It’s clear that the Bidens suffer from selective grandparenting.

And it gets worse. Not only have President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden never even met Navy Joan, but her father Hunter has also failed to make contact with her. Talk about a family that doesn’t prioritize their own flesh and blood. It’s utterly heart-wrenching.

But the Bidens’ callousness doesn’t end there. As if denying Navy Joan’s existence wasn’t enough, she didn’t even receive a Christmas stocking from the White House while every other member of the Biden family got one. Yes, even the pets had their stockings filled. It’s truly disgusting how they erased any mention of this little girl from their lives. The Bidens may claim to care about their family, but their actions say otherwise.

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, in an insightful op-ed on Fox News, rightfully condemned the Bidens’ behavior towards Navy Joan. He aptly called it a “monstrosity” when Hunter Biden fought to prevent her from having his last name. The pain and anguish this child will undoubtedly experience from being rejected and disowned by her own family is unimaginable.

It’s no surprise that the internet is outraged by the White House’s attempt to sweep Navy Joan under the rug. Reports from The New York Times revealed that White House aides have been instructed to insist that President Biden only has six grandchildren. How convenient for them to disregard the existence of an innocent child. The Bidens are indeed monsters. Their blatant disregard for family ties and their attempts to rewrite history are simply disgraceful.

Even Republican National Congressional Committee press secretary Will Reinert described this entire situation as “extremely sad,” regardless of political affiliation. It’s a tragedy that transcends party lines. We should all be appalled by the Bidens’ treatment of Navy Joan and demand better from our leaders.

In conclusion, the story of Navy Joan is a heartbreaking reminder of the depths some people will sink to protect their reputation and political image. The Bidens’ selfishness and cruelty know no bounds. It’s a sad day for America when our leaders prioritize their own egos over the well-being of an innocent child. Let’s hope that justice is served and that Navy Joan finds the love and support she deserves, even if it’s not from the Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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