Greene Torches Bush’s Reparations Hypocrisy, Exposes Far-Left Double Standards!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the no-nonsense conservative firebrand, took to Twitter to roast far-left Cori Bush for her audacious demand for “reparations” in a Fourth of July tweet. In her tweet, Bush claimed that the Declaration of Independence was written by “enslavers” and failed to recognize Black people as human. Can you believe the nerve?

But Greene wasn’t having any of it. She quickly pointed out the hypocrisy of Bush’s call for reparations while having no problem voting to send billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine. Talk about double standards! Greene didn’t hold back, even referring to the members of the Ukrainian armed forces as “Nazis.”

“Just stop,” Greene fired back on Twitter. “You voted to send $113 billion to the white people and white Nazi army of Ukraine.” Ouch! Greene definitely knows how to deliver a burn.

And this isn’t the first time Greene has taken aim at Ukraine. Just last week, she took a swipe at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling him an “actor wearing army green every day.” She accused Zelensky of canceling elections, controlling state media, and even having a “Nazi army.” Strong words, but Greene never shies away from speaking her mind.

In fact, Greene is such a strong critic of the situation in Ukraine that she supports Matt Gaetz’s Ukraine Fatigue Resolution. This resolution calls for an end to US military and financial aid to Ukraine and demands a peace deal. According to Gaetz, the US has been the top contributor to this “everlasting conflict.” It’s time to stop pouring taxpayer dollars into a foreign war that seems to have no end in sight.

Former President Trump also voiced his concerns about the war in Ukraine, describing it as a “disaster.” He believed that the death toll was much higher than reported and vowed to end the conflict if he were elected president. Trump’s straightforward approach to problem-solving is one of the many reasons why his supporters admire him.

In the end, Greene’s fiery rhetoric and criticism of Bush’s demand for reparations while supporting military aid to Ukraine shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy of the far left. Her strong stance on foreign policy and calls for peace serve as a reminder that America should prioritize its own citizens before getting involved in never-ending conflicts overseas. Kudos to Marjorie Taylor Greene for speaking her mind and standing up for conservative values!

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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