Last-Minute Biden Prosecution Team Swap Rocks the Boat: What’s the Mystery?

The US Department of Justice suddenly changed the prosecutorial team for the case involving Hunter Biden. This move caught many people off-guard and sparked speculations. At the time of the charges, the office of the US Attorney in Delaware listed three individuals who were not involved in the case. These individuals were Benjamin Wallace, Derek Hines, and Leo Wise.

The sudden removal of the original team investigating Hunter Biden's case raises questions about why this was done.

The new prosecutors lack the necessary experience to handle the case. According to Gary Shapley, the lawyer for IRS whistleblower, none of the three individuals who were appointed to the case had any involvement during the time that Gary was in office. Another red flag was Derek Hines, who worked as a special counsel for Louis Freeh, who was the former head of the FBI.

It's also convenient, as Leo Wise, the former head of the fraud and corruption division of the US Attorney's office, was suddenly removed from his position. He was replaced by a group of inexperienced prosecutors. Swapping out veteran prosecutors for inexperienced ones raises questions about the decision and its possible influence on the case against Biden.

During their testimony before Congress in May, the IRS whistleblowers gave a lot of details about Lesley Wolf, an assistant US Attorney. They said that she prevented them from asking about the person referred to as the Big Guy or Joe Biden.

It's also suspicious that Wolf was not included in the case despite being involved in the investigation. He reportedly called to inform Joe Biden that he wouldn't be searching his home. The US Attorney's Office in Delaware would not comment on why Wolf and the other individuals weren't included in the filing of charges.

Despite the apparent attempt to hide something, Congress still plans on issuing a subpoena for the officials involved in the case. The officials have made it clear that they want to speak with Wolf and get answers. If the decision to change the team was due to wrongdoing, then the explanation should be made public.

Is it because they wanted to bring in new individuals, such as the one who worked with Louis Freeh? The way the case has been handled raises questions about the Justice Department's integrity.

Adding to the controversy was the revelation by IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley that the investigators could have pursued additional charges. However, Matthew Graves and Martin Estrada, the US Attorneys in California, refused to prosecute the case. Congress will likely want to know why these two prosecutors didn't do so. With the inexperienced team that they have assembled, it will be fascinating to see how they will explain their actions.

The latest developments in the Hunter Biden case have added to the already suspicious situation. The US Department of Justice must come clean and explain its actions in order to provide the American people with answers. These issues should not be allowed to get swept under the rug, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

Source: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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