CNN Scoffs at WH Cocaine Scandal: Unmasking the Leftist Media Bias Once Again!

The cocaine discovered at the White House has caused quite a commotion, and the story continues to evolve. First, we were informed that it was discovered in a "highly-trafficked" area of the West Wing, where many people, including tourists, pass through frequently. Then, during a press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to scapegoat a visitor for the incident. Could you imagine it? They expect us to believe that a random visitor bypassed security and left behind a container of cocaine. I need a vacation!

However, the White House now claims that it is "unlikely" that we will ever determine who was responsible. Sure, correct. They simply wish for us to forget about this disaster and move on. Unfortunately, we will not let them off so easily. Either they must increase their security and determine how this breach occurred, or they must investigate their own staff and family members. In either case, it is not an attractive appearance.

Now let's discuss CNN, since you know they couldn't help but weigh in on this scandal. And oh, did they embarrass themselves! They believed it would be hilarious to make jokes about the circumstance during a segment with John Berman, Sara Sidner, and Kate Bolduan. Sidner even joked, "I want to know in minute detail who was responsible for this." Really? This is a serious issue, yet they are treating it as if it were a comedy. Discuss an absence of professionalism.

And do you know what's more frustrating? If this had occurred during the Trump administration, you can guarantee that CNN would have been all over it, demanding his impeachment and pointing fingers at everyone. But since it's occurring under Biden's watch, they conveniently ignore the possibility that his personnel or family members are implicated. It's a case of double standards, pure and simple.

Meghan McCain precisely summarized the situation in a tweet. She stated, "But she and others who supported Joe Biden were deceived into believing that he would restore 'decency.'" They are now astonished by what they are seeing." And she is correct. Biden promised us decency, but we've only received pandemonium instead. It is time for CNN and other liberal media outlets to begin holding him accountable. However, do not hold your breath. They are preoccupied with protecting their golden son.

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