Desperate DA Targets Trump with RICO: Witch Hunt Continues!

In yet another attempt to take down Donald Trump, the DA of Fulton County, Fani Willis, is reportedly considering filing charges against the former president under the RICO Act. It's like they're suffering from Trump-derangement syndrome.

This new potential indictment adds to the already ridiculous charges that Trump is facing. Under the RICO Act, which was established to dismantle criminal organizations, prosecutors can bring charges against individuals who are part of an organized crime group if they are found committing crimes together multiple times a year. Similar to federal law, Georgia's RICO statute gives prosecutors the power to pursue Trump and his associates.

Liberal lawyers and experts are applauding this news, but it is clear that they are using this as a means to smear Trump's name once more. After all, they have nothing substantial on him, and they are resorting to this strategy as a last resort.

The fact that John Floyd, who is referred to as an authority on racketeering charges, advised Willis shows that he is a smart individual. The goal of this narrative is to create a false sense of conspiracy to rig the 2020 election in Georgia. Trump has maintained his innocence and he should be allowed to do so.

The RICO charge is another attempt by the left to continue piling on the legal pressure on Trump. They hope that it will help them claim a victory over him, and I hate to break this to them, but it is part of their ongoing witch hunt.

Despite being able to talk about the importance of the RICO Act, it is clear that the goal of this strategy is to ruin Trump's reputation and tar him as a crooked politician. This is the type of person who is more concerned with politics than justice.

Let the prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia, pursue the RICO charge. After all, Trump is already innocent, and this latest attempt to try and take him down is just another baseless accusation that will fail. The left will continue to be baffled by this strategy, and Trump will win.

Written by Staff Reports

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