Disgusting Liberal Gets ROASTED for Sexist Comments About Rep. Boebert

After making a shameful crude remark about Rep. Lauren Boebert, Kurt Bardella, a Democratic strategist, apologized on Thursday. He said he was only joking and that he did not mean to mock women.

hen he was a Republican House staff member, Bardella used to be a party flip-flopper. He then said that conservatives were hypocrites because they didn’t criticize him for his comments about equality and sexism.

On Wednesday, he was criticized after he was asked by Joy Reid of NBC News what would happen to Boebert if she loses to Adam Frisch in the race for the District 2 seat.

He said that if she loses, OnlyFans would be able to benefit from it. He suggested that she could turn to online pornography for revenue.

Reid was quick to laugh at Bardella’s remark. He later took to Twitter to apologize and clarify that his critics are also hypocrites.

In response to the controversy, the Boebert took to her Twitter page and said that liberals “suck at feminism” and can’t do anything right.

Written by Staff Reports

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