Analyst Warns: We May Not Have A 2024 Election

An analyst just made a huge, alarming forecast for the 2018 presidential election.

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We are all aware of the left's strong opposition to the conservatives taking the senate and house, as well as their extreme anxiety over the prospect of losing power. Concerns about the 2024 elections not taking place are growing.

We adore Trump, it was said. Due to significant societal turmoil and financial collapse, analyst Martin Armstrong has cautioned that there might not be a presidential election in 2024 and that "the United States will not exist after 2032."

During an interview with Greg Hunter, Armstrong, who successfully forecast a number of events, including the financial crisis of 2008, made the comments.

Check out his remarks.

The lunacy of the left over the elections and its repercussions is utterly astounding.

According to Townhall, Republican victory will put an end to democracy and the ability to record current events, according to an interview with presidential historian Michael Beschloss that aired on MSNBC on Thursday afternoon. He then made sinister claims, claiming that if Republicans win, children would be killed and arrested.

Regardless of your perspective, we are indeed living in historic times. It is a conflict over the right to free expression and the ability to carry on the tradition of American freedom. Depending on who prevails in this conflict, one of two stories will be recorded in the history books. According to one interpretation, conservatives were stifling American freedoms, but now that socialism has taken root, everyone is more free and the environment is safeguarded. The alternative version will claim that America faced the biggest constitutional threat since its founding, but patriots stood their ground and we were able to protect our freedoms from a communist takeover. You get to write your own interpretation of history.

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