DNC Declares War on Third-Party Threats to Biden’s Reign

Once again, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is making waves with its political maneuvering, as reported by NBC News. This time, they're assembling a team aimed at neutralizing third-party and independent candidates ahead of the 2024 election. Why? Well, they perceive these candidates as potential threats to President Joe Biden, whom they staunchly support. Heaven forbid anyone challenges their chosen candidate!

Picture this: independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Justice for All Party candidate Cornel West, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and a No Labels “Unity Ticket” all possibly sharing the ballot with Biden and former President Donald Trump. It's a scenario that gives the DNC nightmares! So, what's their strategy? They're going all out with an aggressive communications approach, opposition research, and legal tactics to thwart anyone they view as a spoiler. Talk about playing rough!

Leading this charge are seasoned Democratic operatives like Lis Smith, along with DNC insiders Mary Beth Cahill and Ramsey Reid. It's akin to assembling the Avengers, but for political machinations! They're prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure their candidate emerges victorious, even if it means steamrolling over the competition. Classic DNC strategy, wouldn't you say?

But that's not all! The DNC has wasted no time in targeting Kennedy, accusing him of aligning with a super PAC associated with Trump. They've even lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging illegal collaboration. Is the DNC feeling desperate, perhaps? It seems they're engaging in a game of "dirty politics," determined to silence any dissenting voices. It's quite the power trip!

Ultimately, it's evident that the DNC is feeling the heat. They're apprehensive about relinquishing their hold on power, wary of competition, and resistant to anything that disrupts the status quo. But hey, that's politics for you. And as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Let's watch with bated breath as this showdown unfolds in 2024!

Written by Staff Reports

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