DNC’s Shameless 2024 Convention Decision Is Shocking

The Democratic National Committee has shamelessly announced that they will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, despite the city being plagued by persistent crime. The United Center in Chicago will be the home of the convention, scheduled to run from August 19 to 22. Not surprisingly, President Joe Biden endorsed the terrible decision, calling Chicago a “great choice.”

It is worrisome that the DNC believes Chicago is an ideal place to showcase their party’s “vision and values.” It is no surprise that a city with such disgraceful level of crime, including an alarming number of homicides and rampant gang activity, is attractive to the Democrats. Perhaps they feel that the violence and lawlessness are representative of their socialist agenda.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison reportedly stated that the Midwest reflects America and will provide an opportunity for the Democrats to promote the achievements of President Biden and Vice President Harris. It is truly alarming that the Democratic Party sees persistent violence and crime as a sign that the Midwest represents America. It’s no wonder they continue to lose ground in rural areas and small towns while clinging to urban centers with high levels of crime and socialism.

It is unfortunate that the Democratic Party would choose a city with an unbearable homicide rate and a rampant gang activity problem to host their convention. But as we have come to know, the Democrats are not interested in actual progress or safety; they are only interested in pushing their harmful agenda on Americans at all costs.

Written by Staff Reports

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