Don Jr. Supports J.D. Vance for Trump’s VP as Speculation Builds

Former President Trump’s absence in recent media coverage has not gone unnoticed, as speculation swirls about his potential vice presidential pick. While the attention seems to be firmly on Biden’s mental acuity following a lackluster debate performance, Trump appears to be biding his time before making any official announcements.

In a recent episode of his podcast “Triggered,” Donald Trump Jr. expressed his preference for J.D. Vance as his father’s running mate. He also shared his thoughts on other potential contenders, offering insights on their strengths and weaknesses. From dismissing Dr. Ben Carson’s niceness as a barrier to dealing with “sociopaths” to praising Gov. Doug Burgum’s business acumen, Don Jr. didn’t hold back in his assessments.

The upcoming rally in Miami, where former President Trump will be joined by Sen. Marco Rubio, is sure to fuel further speculation about the VP selection. Don Jr.’s comments, while not revealing any insider information, shed light on his personal preferences for the role. 


As the VP selection process unfolds, the choice between a senator or an outsider remains to be seen. With various candidates in the mix, each bringing their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, the ultimate focus should be on galvanizing voters to turn out in November and make their voices heard. The anticipation continues to build as the Republican National Convention approaches, keeping conservative Americans on the edge of their seats.

Written by Staff Reports

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