Trump Slams Harris at Doral Rally Criticizes Border Crisis and Green New Deal

Former President Donald Trump brought his fiery rhetoric to a rally in Doral, Florida, where he wasted no time in taking aim at Vice President Kamala Harris. Trump praised Joe Biden’s supposedly shrewd decision in choosing Harris as his vice president, calling it an effective insurance policy that has protected Biden from facing consequences for his incompetence.

Trump highlighted the failure of the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, particularly pointing out Harris’ ineffectiveness as the appointed border czar. He emphasized the alarming number of children who have gone missing under her watch, raising concerns about their well-being and safety.

In typical Trump fashion, he didn’t hold back in criticizing Harris’ radical environmental agenda, labeling it as part of the “green new scam” and mocking the idea of driving electric cars for extended periods of time.

The former president also speculated about the potential for Harris to become the Democratic Party’s nominee if Biden were to step aside. Trump expressed his belief that the Democrats are heavily relying on Harris as their best option, despite his assessment of her as an ineffective leader, particularly in her role at the border.

Overall, Trump’s rally in Florida was filled with sharp critiques of the Biden-Harris administration, painting a picture of a dysfunctional leadership that is more concerned with political maneuvers than effectively addressing the issues facing the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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