Durham Exposes FBI Corruption, Nadler Flounders in Congress Showdown

John Durham, a brave and honest patriot, appeared before Congress today to discuss his report on the corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who weaponized their positions against President Trump and his associates. In his opening statement, Durham outlined the many egregious abuses of power that plagued the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, which was baselessly launched to investigate alleged collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Durham’s report was sobering, even to a seasoned federal prosecutor like himself. He railed against the lack of accountability within law enforcement, calling for harsher consequences for those who violate relevant laws and policies. “What is required is accountability,” Durham stated definitively, revealing the stark reality that it is impossible to fix these issues with “enhanced training or additional policy requirements.”

But of course, Rep. Jerry Nadler couldn’t help but make an incoherent statement that had nothing to do with anything Durham had just discussed. Nadler, who is known for his wild conspiracy theories, suggested that the FBI didn’t go far enough in pursuing Trump and others. He spouted off lies about the FBI never looking at key evidence and failing to recommend remedial measures, all of which Durham had already thoroughly addressed in his report.

Nadler was clearly confused about why Durham was even there, spouting off lies about the special counsel’s appearance being due to Trump’s indictment by the DOJ. In reality, Durham’s appearance had been scheduled for weeks prior to any news of an indictment.

Despite all of this, Nadler continued to spew falsehoods and mislead the American people. Thankfully, Durham was there to set the record straight and call Nadler out on his confusing and false statements. It’s clear that Democrats will stop at nothing to protect themselves and their corrupt allies in government. It’s up to patriots like John Durham to expose the truth and bring accountability to the halls of power.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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